Bryant Cyr

The Shepherds’ Singularity


Angels! Artificial Intelligence! Animals Who Speak!

This Futuristic Play-with-Music Time-Travels to Bethlehem and Back Again.


Come On Over Ensemble Theater presents the world premiere of

THE SHEPHERDS' SINGULARITY, a collaboratively devised, physical theater infused, futuristic play-with-music featuring tales of hardship, terrible weather, time travel, technology, talking animals, miracles, angels, and singularities.


Directed by Wanda Strukus


Music Composed and Directed by Nate Tucker for hammered dulcimer, banjo, guitar, flute, and harmonica


Devised and Performed By:

Matt Arnold

Doug Dulaney

Poornima Kirby

Chris Martel

Nick Osborne

Caitlin Rose

Jocelin Weiss


THE SHEPHERDS’ SINGULARITY is loosely based on The Second Shepherds’ Play, a medieval comedy featuring three English shepherds who time travel to Bethlehem and witness the birth of Jesus Christ. Come On Over has incorporated this medieval legend into a futuristic play about the technological Singularity: the premise that artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence by 2030, rendering human beings obsolete. Shepherds, technology experts, Bethlehem Pennsylvania, old-school computer games, angels, scorned wives, and sheep collide in this fantastic journey through time, space, and what it means to be human.


“We’re telling a story about technology in a very analog way,” says Strukus.

“From the beginning of our process, we noticed that the conversations around

the technological singularity were similar to the conversations around religious events – what we’ve been calling spiritual singularities. The fear of the unknown, the fear of not being worthy, the fear of not being chosen are very deep human feelings, and in our explorations we’ve seen that “singular” events either drive people closer together or farther apart. We wanted to focus on the connections people make to one another through human kindness, and that’s ultimately what the play is about. And this idea of “connection” informs the way we tell it – it’s a very movement-driven piece that incorporates a lot of physicality and physical acting.”



December 3rd - December 13th, 2015

Cambridge YMCA Theater

820 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA


Wednesday - Friday at 8pm

Saturdays at 2pm and 8pm

Sundays at 2pm


Tickets are $25 for General Admission and $15 for Students and Seniors.