Come On Over is an ensemble of actors, artists, musicians, storytellers, scholars, puppeteers, and community members. We collaboratively create new works of theater-with-music that explore the intersection of human beings, spirituality, and technology.


Mostly, we're driven by the desire to tell stories, play music, and sing.


For the last eight months, we've been working on a new play about spirituality in the technological age. We took a very old play, The Second Shepherds' Play, as our first piece of research and source material. The Second Shepherds' Play is about three medieval shepherds who travel back in time to witness the birth of Christ. Our second piece of research and source material was an essay about the technological singularity called, The Coming Technological Singularity: How to Survive in the Post-Human Era, which was written by the mathematician and science fiction writer, Vernor Vinge. The techological singularity is the hypothesis that by 2030, artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence, rendering human beings obsolete. Armed with these two very different documents, we've met every other weekend for the past eight months to train, explore, improvise, and develop music, dialogue, action,

and story around the collision of these two pieces of source material.


What has come out of this process is a highly theatrical, very funny, action-packed play about:


Hardship and suffering,

Friends and enemies,

Betrayal and mercy,

Talking animals,


Time travel,





We invite you to join us in a room filled with people and music and laughter and stories -- stories about the the things that scare us and the things that give us hope.


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